The History Of The Date Fruit

Humans have been cultivating the fruit of the Date Palm, commonly referred to simply as the date or date fruit, since before the advent of written history. Ancient Mesopotamians are thought to have consumed it as a major food staple. In contrast, the ancient Egyptians were known to have grown dates for a variety of common and ceremonial purposes, including harvest celebrations and winemaking.

Then as now, dates are recognized both in their native Middle East and worldwide for their wonderful health properties and delicious flavors. They continue to be widely consumed both as a healthy snack and as part of religious and cultural traditions.

But the fruit itself is not the sole object of such history and renown. Its seed also exhibits many remarkable qualities and is used in various uses and applications, including as a health-conscious coffee substitute. 

What is Date Seed Coffee, and Where Can I Buy it?

What then is a date seed coffee? Well, it’s the beverage that comes from the ground seed of the date fruit. Roasted and prepared just like traditional coffee beans, coffee made from date seeds has a similarly rich and nutty flavor, with just a hint of sweetness, and looks virtually identical with its deep brownish-black color. 

Coffee made from date seeds is a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional coffee that will keep you feeling focused and gently energized throughout your day, without the classic jitters and afternoon crashes.

So, where can you buy date seed coffee? Well, look no further than Korma Cafe, your premium source for all things date seed coffee-related. But who is Korma Coffee, and what do they do? Continue reading to learn more.

Korma Cafe - Date Seed Coffee Supplier

The brainchild of comedian, writer, and cartoonist Trenton Hudson, Korma came about, like so many great things, from necessity. After being diagnosed with a rare heart condition in his early 20s, Trenton was forced off traditional coffee for good after a series of heart attacks.

Such a wake-up call spurred the search for creative solutions, thus the idea of date seed coffee was born. It checked all the necessary boxes: healthy, delicious, and satisfying; date seed coffee scratched the itch for that morning cup of brew. And unlike alternatives such as decaf, which is often treated with harsh chemicals, date seed coffee is simple and all-natural without sacrificing flavor or quality.

Today, what started in Trenton’s home kitchen as a commitment to a long, healthy, and fulfilling life has grown and expanded in an attempt to share that vision with the rest of the world.

With that, Korma was born. Korma offers an extensive line of date seed coffees and accessories, conveniently available from its web store. There’s the classic roast with a dash of chicory root for those seeking that more familiar coffee experience, the light roast with no chicory root, and there’s even pumpkin spice and toasted coconut flavors. 

Each 11oz bag of date seed coffee comes pre-ground and with simple instructions for brewing. You can prepare it like you would any other coffee—in a latte, as a cappuccino, or just straight up. You can even serve it over ice on a hot day!

Korma also offers coffee accessories such as mugs, reusable k-type filter cups, as well as a date seed coffee and black lava salt face and body scrub to keep you healthy, both inside and out.

The Health Benefits of Date Seeds

Just as the date fruit itself is commonly recognized as a superfood because of its highly nutrient-dense properties, its seeds are also quite nutrient-dense and rich. As a result, date seeds provide continuous energy without the jitters and crashes of caffeinated drinks like coffee.

Date seeds provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, as well as an abundance of oleic acid and polyphenols, both of which act as powerful antioxidants. In addition, some evidence suggests that a diet rich in these substances can help promote heart and brain function, as well as overall digestive health. Some experts believe the substances found in date seeds can help regulate blood sugar on account of their low glycemic index and even help maintain a healthy body weight.

Similarly, chicory root acts as a nutritional powerhouse in its own right. Numerous studies have honed in on its potential anti-inflammatory properties, its rich content of antioxidants and prebiotics, as well as its ability (especially in conjunction with dates and date seeds) to help regulate blood glucose levels and promote cardiovascular health.

It’s also worth noting that date seed coffee conforms to virtually any dietary restrictions. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and alkaline, making it the perfect coffee alternative for all diets and ages.

Order Your Date Seed Coffee Today

The reality is that many people choose not to consume traditional coffee for many reasons. Some, like Trenton, may have underlying health conditions that can be exacerbated by caffeine. At the same time, many others may dislike the feelings of anxiety and jitters that go along with traditional coffee and its caffeine. Still, some may simply be looking to try something new, like a healthy and delicious alternative to wake up to each morning.

Whatever the reason may be, Korma is here to help. Getting on the path to a healthy and fulfilling life most often starts with getting a great start to your day. Korma’s line of date seed coffees can help you get on the right track as a supplement or even replacement for your daily coffee ritual.

You can have a bag of delicious date seed coffee delivered straight to your door within days. Your first order is even 20% off. Those who subscribe for regular deliveries also have the opportunity to save 10% on each bag. Order now and feel the difference that a cup of Korma date seed coffee each morning will make in your life—you’ll never look back!