Date Seeds Benefits


The original date coffee blend from KORMA, made of roasted date seeds with chicory root, has natural energy and numerous health benefits.
Dates are considered a superfood, rich in vitamins and minerals, and not to mention, delicious. High in fiber, they won't spike your blood sugar like many people may assume because of its high sugar content. However, research has show dates to be beneficial with regulating blood sugar levels.  
Dates have also been shown to naturally boost energy, improve digestive health, promote cardiovascular health, regulate blood sugar, improve the nervous system, and promote weight loss.

So we took the seed of that superfood and turned it into a superdrink. A delicious superdrink, if we do say so ourselves.
To get that great balance of bold and rich flavor in our Classic Blend date coffee we added a little bit of roasted chicory. Not only does it compliment the roasted dates very well, but chicory has shown to bring numerous health benefits of its own and has been used for medicinal purposes as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Chicory root contains prebiotics, manganeses, and vitamin b6 and has been linked to increased weight loss and gut health as well as positive brain health.
KORMA is also gluten free, vegan, and alkaline, making it suitable for nearly any diet, and best of all, it's caffeine free! So no jitters, no anxiety and no afternoon crash, just natural energy and good vibes all day.
*Neither the Hazelnut, nor the Light Roast date coffee contain chicory

Frequently Asked Questions

Can date seed coffee be used as a coffee replacement?

Absolutely! This discovery is what led to the founding of Korma and our date seed coffee selection, including: Classic, Light Roast, and Toasted Coconut. It's safe for people with cardiovascular issues, pregnant and nursing mothers, as well as many others recommended not to have caffeine.

What are the beneficial ingredients of date seeds?

Studies have found that oleic acid, dietary fibers, B-vitamins and polyphenols are found in the date seeds.

How does this specifically help?

Studies show that the nutrients found in date seeds can help with cognitive function, enhance digestion, raise energy levels, and improve overall well-being. Date coffee has also been shown to help regulate blood sugar due to its low glycemic index.

Are date seeds toxic or poisonous?

Date seeds are 100% non-toxic and safe to consume as a beverage. We consume them daily! However, date seeds are NOT safe to consume raw by mouth as they are very hard and pose a choking hazard.

Are dates healthy like date seeds?

Definitely, dates are considered a superfood!