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Why Date Coffee?

Ah, the rich, indulgent morning coffee experience, simultaneously energizing and relaxing. The perfect start to a good morning is now even more perfect because we make it from the seed of a superfood, giving you everything you need and nothing you don't. 

Coffee Reimagined.

From the pit of the date fruit.

Our mission is to deliver a morning coffee experience that is invigorating yet soothing, while providing natural energy and the nutrients needed to start your day the right way.

We needed a coffee healthy enough for everybody; including our founder, who, along with 30 million other Americans, suffers from heart disease. After suffering two heart attacks by age 21, he made a life of health and longevity his mission.

Our Story

Love of My Life

I’ve been a coffee drinker forever and to find out how terrible it is was upsetting. I absolutely love Korma date coffee and wish I would’ve found them earlier. I’ll be ordering date coffee forever.

Terrelle L.

Best "coffee" ever!

I absolutely love this coffee! The taste and the fact that it is actually good for me. I have been looking for a coffee replacement for the past 3 years since changing my eating habits. This is perfection!

Janelle J.

Great coffee alternative!

Great alternative for coffee. Been using since I was pregnant and love the earthy smooth taste. Hard to go back to regular since now drinking date coffee keeps me energized throughout the day. Thank you!

Connie V.

Better than Starbucks!

I Love love love the genius creation of this beverage not only for it's important health benefits, but it's better than Starbuck's aroma and taste!!! The taste is coffee like but much more smooth!! KORMA is a true delicacy!! Thank you KORMA for sharing your creation with the world 🤗❤!!

Tracy B.

The best coffee alternative!

This date coffee is the best tasting alternative to coffee! Hands down. I just wish there was a bigger bag.

Lateefah M.